WoW World of Warcraft Druid

After being locked up in slumber for many generations the Druid was awoken to meet the threat of the Burning Legion during the third war. It was many thanks to them that the Burning Legion could be defeated. They live very closely to nature which allows them to shapeshift into different animals.

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The Druid allows multiple playing styles, thanks to the shapeshift ability. Druids can shapeshift into 4 different shapes. The first one available is the Bear Form which can be compared to the Warrior class. It increases armor and damage dealt and allows the use of different taunts and other melee abilities. The second form is the Cat form which can be compared to the Rogue class. It has Stealth and uses Combo Points, just like a Rogue. The two remaining shapes, Traveling Form (cheetah) and Aquatic Form (seal) are not used in combat; instead when traveling, either on land or in water.

Druids also have a few DOT spells (Damage Over Time) and Direct Damage spells along with the different shapes. These spells can not be cast while in another shape so you have to choose wisely which shape to use, or none at all. The Druid can cast the most powerful buff in the game, Mark of the Wild. Mark of the Wild gets better as you train higher levels of the spell and at the higher levels it increases both armor, resistances and attributes.


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