WoW World of Warcraft Hunter

There are many different beasts throughout Azeroth, some are friendly and some are ferocious. They have one thing in common though; they all share a special bond with the Hunters. The Hunters rely on firearms and different pets to be their only true friends. Check out the ever useful hunter guides at Skryer.

The Hunters can tame, track, soothe and slay all kinds of beasts and animals found in the World of Warcraft. The Hunter is a ranged warrior that can wear any armor except Plate armor and has a huge variety of choice when it comes to weapons. The Hunter is a great pulling class because of its ranged capabilities and the use of different traps.

The best weapon of the Hunter is the pet; the Hunter can tame different pets and teach its existent pets new abilities. Pets have to be fed and if you want to be able to use more than one type of pet you have to house the unused pets in Stables that are located near Inns and Mailboxes.

The Hunter can also use different aspects, special animal related buffs. You can only have one aspect active at a time and some aspects can affect your whole party. An example of a group aspect is the Aspect of the Pack where the movement speed is increased of all party members.

Hunter     Hunter

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