WoW World of Warcraft Mage

After the destruction of the kingdom of Dalaran the arcane arts spread to all corners in the world and magic is now practiced by many different races. The Mage is an invaluable party member with its high damage spells. Check out Skryer for Mage guides and walkthroughs.

The Mage relies on ranged combat and different spells that immobilizes the enemy. With the high damage Fire Spells and the slowing Frost Spells the Mage can deal high damage before getting hit at all. What makes the Mage so important in a group is the high damage Area of Effect spells and the most powerful spell of them all; Polymorph.

Polymorph transforms the enemy to a sheep and forces it to wander around for the duration of the spell. While Polymorphed the enemy can not cast spells or attack but it will regenerate health very quickly. This spell is useful when you pull more than one enemy at a time.

Mages can also use teleportation spells to all the major cities and open portals for other group members for faster travel.

Mage     Mage

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