WoW World of Warcraft Paladin

Upholders of the Holy Light and defenders of the Alliance, the Paladins can be found throughout the world fighting back the evil forces. Fighting with mighty hammers and the strength of the Light these strong warriors will not be the first to give up. Get plenty of Paladin guides and strategies at Skryer.

The Paladin is both a melee fighter and a secondary spellcaster/healer. It can resurrect dead players, heal and use different Auras and Seals. The Paladin can wear any armor, including Plate armor (with training) which increases its defense greatly.

Auras are unique to the Paladin and you can only have one active at a time, they work like a permanent buff as long as you are near the Paladin. There are a few different Auras; three of them are Devotion Aura, Healing Aura and Retribution Aura. The first one, Devotion Aura, increases the armor of your party members. The second, Healing Aura, heals the affected players but can only be used outside battle. The third one, Retribution Aura, causes holy damage to any monster that hits a party member.

Seals work like a short-time buff; also here you can only have one type of seal activated on a player. You should use different seals on different classes as they all have different effects. One of the most powerful spells of a Paladin is the Divine Shield that protects the Paladin from all damage and all spells for a short period of time but reduces attack speed. You can cast spells while the shield is active so itís good to take the opportunity to heal yourself.


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