WoW World of Warcraft Rogue

Living in the shadows, attacking when you least suspect it, the Rogue is a very dangerous foe. With all their different abilities the Rogue have no trouble finding employment as thieves, spies or assassins. Read the Rogue guides at Skryer to get the best out of your class.

The Rogueís effectiveness depends on how well you can use its abilities and combos. There is a lot to learn but with practice a player can master it. The Rogue uses the Energy bar and Combo Points to use its abilities. Energy builds up over time and you can not increase your energy pool or at which it regenerates.

The most important ability of the Rogue is the Stealth ability. Special abilities become available while stealthed and you can travel through dangerous areas without being detected. You have to be careful though, Stealth can be detected if you get too near a mob. Another important aspect of the Rogue is to manage your Combo Points. Combo Points are acquired from various abilities and is required to execute more powerful ones. The number of combo points is displayed on your enemyís portrait.

You will find many types of locks in World of Warcraft, some are on boxes, some are on doors and some on chests. Rogues have the Lockpicking skill which enables them to open these locks.


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