WoW World of Warcraft Shaman

Shamans are the spiritual leaders of their tribes and clans; they communicate with spirits and have visions of the future. Many mistake the shamans for peaceful leaders but when challenged in combat they have a range of different abilities to their disposal. Leveling guides for Shamans can be found at Skryer.

The Shaman is a damage dealer, buffer and healer in one. The Shaman is often popular in groups as a secondary healer and for its beneficial totems. The Shamans can initially wear leather armor but when level 40 is reached mail armor becomes available too. The challenge as a shaman is to know which totem to use in different situations.

As mentioned earlier, the Shaman can use different totems in and outside battle. There are four types of totems; Earth, Fire, Air and Water. You can only have one totem active of each type at once. Another very cool feature that Shamans has is the Ghost Wolf and Astral Recall abilities. The Ghost Wolf ability transforms you into a Wolf that allows you to run much faster than before. The Astral Recall ability works just like your hearthstone except that it does not have a long cooldown like the stone; it teleports you to your Home Point.

Shaman     Shaman

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