WoW World of Warcraft Warlock

The Warlocks were once Mages that studied the dark arts of demonology too deeply; the Burning Legion now feeds them with its power which allows them to call upon the powerful emissaries of their demon masters.

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The Warlock is a very complex class to play; they have different pets, spell combos and a reagent component requirement for some spells. The Warlock class is hard to master but still very fun to play as once you get a hang of it. The Warlock serves as a damage dealer and sometimes a tank, with the help of the Voidwalker pet.

Pets are very important for the Warlock, there are a few different pets to choose from; three of them are the Imp, the Voidwalker and the Succubus. The Imp is the Warlock’s first pet which serves as a ranged damage dealer, it also has the buff spell Blood Pact that increases your own and your group’s stamina. This pet is best used in a group. The second pet, the Voidwalker, is the ideal solo pet since it acts as a tank. It has lots of hit points and the Torment skill that can attract monsters’ anger. However, its damage output is very low. The third pet, the Succubus, is the best damage dealer but has a low amount of hit points. It also has good crowd control like Soothing Kiss and Seduce.

The biggest challenges as a Warlock is managing your pet and managing your Soul Shards that is used to pay for certain spells. Soul Shards are acquired by using the Drain Soul spell.


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