WoW World of Warcraft Warrior

Warriors have always existed in the World of Warcraft and it is a reliable class that can take lots of damage before going down. However, in WoW the Warrior have more than one type of fighting styles; it doesnít have to be the defensive type that is common in other MMORPGs. The Warrior is a very gear dependant class but on the other hand has a very huge choice of equipment; The Warrior is also one of the few classes that can wear plate armor. Guides for the Warrior can be found at Skryer.

The Warrior has a red Rage bar which is similar to a mana bar that spellcasters use. Rage is used to execute abilities and during combat the Warrior generates Rage. The Rage generation is based on the damaged dealt/taken, you can also use different abilities or items to generate more Rage. After combat the Rage bar slowly fades to 0.

The Warrior has a choice of three different combat stances; depending on which stance you choose different abilities will become available to you. The first one, Battle Stance, is mainly used when soloing with your Warrior; it has both defensive and offensive abilities. The second, Defensive Stance, is mainly used when the Warrior wants to act as a groupís main tank. It gives the warrior defensive abilities and a bonus to the defense rating. The third one, Berserker Stance, offers a lot of offensive attacks but your Warrior will take more damage when this stance is activated. This stance is recommended for use in groups when you act as the secondary tank.


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