WoW World of Warcraft Cheats

There are different ways to cheat in games; Reading guides and/or walkthroughs, using inbuilt cheat codes to enhance your character, exploiting bugs etc. Cheats like codes will NOT be available in World of Warcraft because it would ruin the game experience for those who like to play honest. There is however no way to stop people from making quest guides for example. Not everyone considers this cheating though of course. A reliable source of cheats and hacks for World of Warcraft can be found at Skryer.

Bug exploiting is often (sadly) common in MMORPGs because it is very hard to make a bugfree game, especially a MMORPG where the players have the freedom to do a lot of things in the game. Another type of cheat is to use external applications which allow you to have different kinds of bots that performs different tasks for you in game. Use of external programs is against the Terms of Service (ToS) and if you’re caught using one of these programs your World of Warcraft account will be banned.

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