WoW World of Warcraft ! Guide Contest !

World of Warcraft Online is holding a World of Warcarft Guide Writing Contest for all WoW fans. We're looking for the best guides to World of Warcraft, it can be for a specific part of the game or about WoW in general. The contest will only run for a month so submit your entries as soon as possible! Original work only. Win cash prizes! The winner will receive USD $250, the 2nd to 5th place winners will also win cash prizes. Read the rest of guidelines below for information on how to enter the contest.

Guide Writing Contest rules are as follows:
  • Hurry! Contest runs from November 26, 2004 to January 31, 2004 only.
  • Participants of all ages and from all countries may enter the contest, except those staff members of the World of Warcraft Online website.
  • Your world of Warcraft Guide can be about any topic within World of Warcraft, it can be specific in nature or general (Newbie Guide etc).
  • Guides must be written in the English language. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are taken into account.
  • Original work only. You may not submit someone else's guide as yours, this is illegal and will have serious consequences.
  • Exclusive work only. To make it fair to all contestants we are looking for brand new World Warcraft guides only. It would be unfair to those writing new guides if we allowed already written guides to be entered. Your guide may not be posted on another fansite or website for public viewing.
  • Guides will be judged based on content, quality and overall usefulness.
  • The nicer, the better. The more presentable a guide is, the more points it will merit. We urge contestants to include pictures with their guide, but it is not a requirement. In the end the most important judging factor is well written content and not the looks, but it helps.
  • Your guide must be in one of the following file formats: Text Format (.txt), HTML Format (.htm, .html), Microsoft Word Format (.doc), Richtext File Format (.rtf).
  • You can enter as many times as you want. Just use the same name and e-mail that you used for your previous submission. If you wish to update a guide that you entered, then just submit it again and we will receive the new version.
  • If your guide has seperate images with it, then upload them after uploading your guide, use the same name and e-mail. We only accept GIF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP format images at up 1600x1200 pixels in size.
  • By entering your guide, you are giving us exclusive use of it for the World of Warcraft Online website.
  • Judging of entries will be done by the World of Warcraft Online Team. Winners will be notified by e-mail and their names and guides posted on the main page of the World of Warcraft Online website.
  • Cash prizes will be paid through PayPal. If the winners do not have access to PayPal, then an alternate method of payment will be arranged.
Finally the Cash Prizes are as follows:
  • First Place - USD $250
  • Second Place - USD $150
  • Third Place - USD $50
  • Fourth Place - USD $25
  • Fifth Place - USD $25
That's all! Act now! Submit your guide now through our Add Guide page!
Deadline is January 31, 2004. Don't delay!

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