WoW World of Warcraft Hints & Tips

Here are some useful Hints and Tips to get you going in World of Warcraft, also you can find more useful hints and guides at Skryer:
  • Read the ingame tutorial that shows up as you progress in the game.

  • Be social and get a lot of friends, they will help you when you do hard quests.

  • Pick up everything a mob drops and sell it to a vendor even if it looks like junk, it’s one of the best ways to get money.

  • When you join a party, be sure to set up looting rules BEFORE you start the quest(s). The most common rule is called NBG; Need Before Greed. It means that if someone loots a good item the one that needs it the most gets it.

  • Use the ingame roll dice function to solve disputes about who gets what when looting good items. To use it type /random 100.

  • Try to keep up a good mood and help people quest even though you haven’t got the quest yourself; it will help you gain a good reputation among your friends.

  • When you sell an item in the chat, link the item by shift-clicking it when the chat box is active.

  • Remember that you can NOT sell items to other players that are marked as “Soulbound”.

  • To learn about different commands type /help in chat.

  • Remember that you have more than one hotkey bar, to view the others press shift+1-6 (default).
If you have any more useful Hints & Tips, please send them to us.

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