WoW World of Warcraft Player Vs. Player

Player Vs. Player combat will be initiated differently depending on which type of server you’re playing on, but across all servers, PvP combat has similar goals, and rewards.

Fighting for the dominance of your faction rewards players through the “honor system.” Killing an opposing faction player near your level or above will reward you with Honor points, which, when calculated each week will contribute to your character’s rank. When you achieve each rank, you will receive a reward in items. At the highest ranks these rewards include access to new mounts, and epic quality sets for your character class.

Honorable kills include killing characters near the player’s level, or killing opposing faction NPCs near the player’s level that already have their Player Vs Player flag activated.

Lots of Honor can be gained in Battlegrounds where points are awarded for completing objectives as well as killing the enemy.

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