WoW World of Warcraft Scarlet Monastery Guide

This Scarlet Monastery Guide was written by Trielle.

Down the Scarlet path

One of the more popular quest instances, is The Scarlet Monastery, or SM for short. This is not a long series of quests but hard to complete. Once you reach level 35, you must first find the quest. the Quest giver is "The Scarlet Emissary" located in the Cathedral of Light's basement, in Stormwind.

The Emissary will ask you to collect Shriveled Eyes that drop from Skeletons, Ghouls, and Plague Spreaders in RavenHill, Duskwood. This is not hard but can be if you are soloing. Once completed, you will be given a "Letter of Commendation" and be asked to speak to Releigh the Devout.

Releigh is located in Southshore, Far north of Stormwind and even IronForge. You can find him at the Inn in Southshore on the upper floor, in one of the rooms. He will Ask you to Kill the Scarlet Leaders: Doan, Herod, Cmdr Morgraine, and Whitemaine (His mistress). These 4 Bosses can be found in the Scarlet Monastery, Located deep in the regions of Tirisfal Glades.

Reaching the Scarlet Monastery is not hard but it is a long journey none the less. You can take shortcuts but risk the danger of getting attacked my forest denizens. Scarlet Monastery is located in the northeastern hills of Tirisfal Glades.. near the border of Western Plaguelands.

Once there, you will have to take the first intance on the right (Library) and Kill Doan, then retrieve the scarlet key to access the Armory and the Cathedral.

Strategies can be learned by asking other players and through experience. Note: The last part of the Quest is "Elite" meaning that a party of 5 is recommended. Also, be sure that if you go, have a high level healer, or to lower level healers. A tank (Warrior or Paladin) is a must.

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