WoW World of Warcraft Servers

There are four different server types in World of Warcraft:
• Normal
• Roleplaying
• Player Vs. Player
• Role Playing Player Vs. Player

On Normal Realms, other players will only be able to attack you if you accept a challenge, enter a battleground, or venture into an enemy capital. PVP can still be activated by attacking an PVP of the opposite faction, helping player who has already done so, or attacking a play whose PVP mode is already active.

On Roleplaying Realms you are expect to remain in-character at all times, to behave and communicate as if you were the character within the world of World of Warcraft. Conversation out side of guild channels should remain on the subject of the game, and always in character. Referring to the real world is forbidden outside of private messages and guild channels, although guilds may enforce their own restrictions.

Player vs. Player realms remain in a constant state of combat. Players will have their PVP mode activated by entering a contested or enemy zone, or by attacking a player who already has their pvp flag activated. This means that it will not be possible for an enemy to attack you while you’re in a friendly zone unless you attack them first.

Roleplaying Pvp realms just have the rules of both roleplaying and player vs. player servers.

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