WoW World of Warcraft Strategy Guide

Strategy Guides often contains info on how to reach certain goals in the game or how to play as different classes. There are many different types of guides and if you need some help on how to play with your character it is highly recommended that you read a guide or two. The #1 resource for WoW strategies is at Skryer.

Here are some links to different strategy guides:
  • Official World of Warcraft Resource Page

  • Warlock Pet Succubus Tips - Xeverus
    Best strat I've found with succubus is open up with Shadow bolt from max range. Immediately cast another while it is streaking to target. Second one should hit just as the mob is almost in melee range. Once 2nd hits use insta cast seduction to neutralize mob. Now back up 2 steps and cast CoA, Corruption and then finally immolation which will break mez and cause a very angry mob to come running at you. Fear them and send in succubus to attack while laying more shadow bolts on till it dies. This strategy is mana intensive and I don't think it compares in efficiency to the tried and true voidwalker slow kill. But on the PvP server you want to have Succubus up at ALL times for when you get ambushed so having a viable succubus solo technique is nice.

  • Druid Bear Form Tank Tips - Scorch
    Step 2) You gotta have a second set of +Stamina equipment. I don't think there's any way around this right now; this is the problem of not having a primary stat. You don't necessarily have to go out and buy stuff, but if you get a quest reward leather piece with +hp on it just keep it around. If your guildmate has something like that to give away, snap it up. I get something like 600-700 extra hps right now when I slap on my extra equipment in Bear.

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