WoW World of Warcraft Walkthrough

A Walkthrough can be very useful if you get stuck in a certain quest or zone in World of Warcraft. A walkthrough is a type of guide that explains exactly how to finish a certain quest or kill a specific mob. Beware when using a walkthrough though; it might ruin your gameplay experience, just like using cheats in your favourite First-Person Shooter. A very good source of walkthroughs and guides for WoW is located at Skryer.

Here are some links to different walkthroughs:
  • Elwynn Forest Walkthrough - Infoceptor
    Elwynn contains three major cities where resurrection stones lie. Northshire is where every human player begins, and offer tutorial-like quests to get people started. Goldshire is for the slightly more experienced newbie, and offers plenty of intermediate missions. Then there's Stormwind, the Capital of the Human Empire, a place for higher levelled characters that's fill with almost every merchant.

  • Mage 1 - 5 Walkthrough - Splunkey
    Create your Human mage
    Watch, or Don't watch(esc) the Opening Movie
    Hit the key "3" To cast the skill "Frost Armor" on yourself- Whenever it runs out, cast it again
    Walk forward, Talk to Deputy Willem for the quest "A Threat Within"
    Go Into the building Infront of you and talk to Marshal McBride to complete "A Threat Within"

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