WoW World of Warcraft Blacksmithing

Blacksmiths takes bars of metal and work them into finely crafted weapons and armor, a skill every Warrior and Paladin should have. There are many unique items that can only be made by Blacksmiths which makes this skill a very useful one. They can also create sharpening stones that increases damage on weapons and ingredients for other profession's recipes, Enchanting for example. Blacksmith guides and strategies are available at Skryer.

The majority of the items you create with Blacksmithing requires different metals therefore itís a good idea to train the Mining profession as well unless you want to buy all the materials from other players which will be very expensive. As mentioned, Blacksmithing is mainly a skill for Paladins and Warriors since they are the ones that can initially wear mail armor and have the most use of the weapons that you can create.


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