WoW World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting

The Burning Crusade expansion adds the new feature, item socketing, to the game. This feature, familiar to fans of Diablo II will be supported by the new Jewelcrafting profession.

Jewelcrafters carve gems preparing them for insertion into sockets. These gems can then be inserted into special weapons and armor obtained through quests and crafting to add bonus enhancements. Jewelcrafters will be the primary source of socketable gems. Dangerous and elusive monsters may drop the occasional rare and powerful gem. Finding them will pose a challenge to even the greatest of adventurers.

Jewelcrafters will also be able to produce rings, amulets and trinkets from the metals and gems they obtained by prospecting ore. In addition to items created for the market, players Jewelcrafters will be able to construct gammed figurines that can be used to cast a buff or healing spell.

Jewelcrafter will also want to take up Mining as their secondary profession. In addition to using the metals, the jewelcrafter can prospect to extract rare gems from the ore.

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