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The vicious Jungle Trolls are known for their cruelty and hatred against all other races. One tribe however, the Darkspear tribe, was forced to work together with the warchief Thrall and his horde of Orcs to save themselves from a band of Murlocs. From that point the Darkspear tribe swore an oath of eternal allegiance to the Horde.

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The Darkspear Trolls are led by the Shadow Hunter Volíjin and they now live in Durotar together with the Orcs. Their village, Seníjin, is named after their fallen tribal leader. As part of the horde the Trolls have gained a trust in the mighty Tauren, but they have a hard time accepting the Forsaken into their alliance.

Start Location: Valley of Trials, Durotar
Home City: Orgrimmar
Classes: Hunter, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Priest, Mage
Basic Mount: Raptors

Trolls     Trolls

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