WoW World of Warcraft Beta

The next phase of testing is called the Beta phase. This time the game is closer to release and it is often the last phase of testing of a game. In this phase the developers often feel that they can allow more testers and usually there are no requirements when signing up for a beta test. A Beta that only allows a certain number of testers is called a “Closed Beta”.

The World of Warcraft Closed Beta test signups were held on the World of Warcraft Community website where anyone resident in USA, Canada or Korea could sign up. Just recently the Closed Beta for Europeans was concluded. The testers were picked randomly from the applicants of the test.

The game is currently in the third phase of the beta where the testers from the alpha and previous beta phases participate, the next phase of the beta will probably include the European testers too.

The last phase of the beta will probably be an open beta where anyone can participate, regardless of where you live. It will probably be held later this year.


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