WoW World of Warcraft Previews

A Preview is an article written based on either an interview with the game developers or released material from the developers. They sometimes also contain experiences from early alpha/beta stages.

Here’s links to a few Previews of World of Warcraft:
  • World of Warcraft OGaming
    The World of Warcraft really is a world. Everything seems to have been thought of (though a dedicated Blizzard team will continue to develop the world long after the release). You can select the appearance of your character and develop it as never before seen. You can even change clothes, set up residence in a favorite city, store your gold in a bank and go on specific story driven quests. The graphics are eye-popping, with footsteps in the snow, smooth, natural surroundings and impressive weather effects to name a few. Transitions from one realm to another have limited load times and appear seamless in most areas.

  • GameSpot
    Regardless of your character's race and class, you'll start a new game of World of Warcraft in front of a friendly character with a quest lined up for you. All quest-giving characters have a yellow exclamation mark above their heads, and all quest-givers will provide you with quests that are appropriate for your character's level and skills. World of Warcraft has a skill system that resembles that of games like EverQuest and Dark Age of Camelot. You increase your skill in weapons, magic, and crafting through repeated use, though, as Kaplan explained, you may receive skill-based quests regardless of your character's experience level.

  • Yahoo! Games Domain
    No massively multiplayer game has garnered the success of Sony's EverQuest, but if anyone can steal the crown, it's Blizzard. Producing hit after hit, the company's last major title, Warcraft 3, shipped four million units worldwide on pre-orders alone. We cornered Mark Kern, team lead for World of Warcraft, to fill us in on the latest developments.

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