WoW World of Warcraft Reviews

A Review is a type of article thatís often about a later stage in a beta test (near release) or about the gold version of the game. Most gaming sites write Reviews about games, especially about big productions like World of Warcraft.

Hereís links to a few Reviews of World of Warcraft in its current beta state written by various gaming sites:
  • PC Magazine
    Even in its early prerelease form, World of Warcraft (WoW) is very polished and feels complete. The play mechanics are similar to those of most other MMORPGs: You level up, equip your character with new items, and so on. But the game is very well balanced, with a rich story line to keep things interesting.

  • Just RPG
    I donít want to raise expectations too high about this game. Itís not a life-altering experience, as some on the WoW boards seem to hope. Itís just a game. As Penny Arcade put it, itís ďmerely excellent.Ē

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