WoW World of Warcraft Dun Morogh

The rocky landscape of Dun Morogh provides the Ironforge Dwarves with an almost limitless supply of ore and stone for their engineering and blacksmithing needs. The city of Ironforge, the dwarven capital, is dug deep into the mountains where they are protected from all evil.

Not all is well in Dun Morogh though, after digging too deep at the Gol’Bolar Quarry they unleashed a tribe of Rockjaw Troggs from their den. While the massive Trogg invasion continues the Frostmane Trolls have taken advantage of it and tries to reclaim their old home. Life is not easy in Dun Morogh but what Dwarfs lack in height they make up for in heart and valor.

Dun Morogh is the starting zone for Gnomes and Dwarves and is a good zone to start a Mining career. It is also good for Herbalism once you can pick Earthroot.

Alliance Towns: Ironforge (IF), Anvilmar
Horde Towns: None

Dun Morogh     Dun Morogh     Dun Morogh Map

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