WoW World of Warcraft Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest is a vast woodland where the majority of the Humans live. Though much of the forest was burned down during the first war, giant trees and lush glades have grown anew. The city of Stormwind lies in the northwest part of the forest and is heavily patrolled by the Stormwind Guards.

Garrison Guard Towers throughout the forest helps keep the lands safe from the forces of the Horde. This area is inhabited by wild boars and wolves as well as Gnolls and Kobolds. Elwynn is a peaceful forest but if travelers wander too far from the main roads they may encounter hidden dangers lurking in the shadows.

Elwynn Forest, the starting area for Humans, is a pretty good starting zone for Fishing and Skinning.

Alliance Towns: Stormwind (SW), Goldshire
Horde Towns: None

Elwynn Forest     Elwynn Forest     Elwynn Forest Map

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