WoW World of Warcraft Karazhan

The new level 70 10 man raid, the great tower fortress Karazhan was once the home of Medivh. Located in Deadwind between Duskwood and the Swamp of sorrows, Karazhan was once a brilliant tribute to the virtues of Azeroth, and it’s Last Guardian.

Sargeras, the Destroyer of Worlds, possessed Medivh, corrupting his power, and wielding it to open the Dark Portal. When Lothar discovered Medivh’s treachery, he stormed the tower, to kill the wizard. Although he succeeded, the dark magic unleashed with the wizard’s death cursed the tower and the surrounding land transforming it into one of the most dangerous locations in the world.

Although the great evils lurking the many levels of the tower will keep away all but the strongest adventurers, those who have attained level 70 will pour into the tower in search of Medivh’s collection of magical artifacts, and inventions.

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