WoW World of Warcraft Outland

The Outland accessible through the Dark Portal, is the last remains of the devastated planet known as Draenor. The planet of origin for the Orcs, and former haven of the Draenei, this world was shattered when the Burning Legion. In an attempt to eradicate the Draenei, the legion transformed the Orcs into the ravenous hoard. The land itself was twisted, and defiled by the wars.

Only the highest level characters should venture into the Outland. Monsters range from level 58-72. The land is populated by more than just Orcs, still burning with the strength of demons. Creatures of Nether, and agents of the Burning Legion still seek ways to exploit the land.

A full continent, the Outland, consists of seven areas, Hellfire Peninsula, Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley, Terokkar Forest, Nagrand, Zangarmarsh, and Blade’s Edge Mountains.

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