WoW World of Warcraft Stranglethorn Vale

This thick jungle is inhabited by Crocodiles, Raptors, Tigers, Ogres but mainly Jungle Trolls. Stranglethorn Vale has many ancient ruins in which the Trolls live in; Stranglethorn is also the main base of operation of the Bloodsail Bucaneers and the Booty Bay Goblins. The whole south coast is full of the Bloodsail Bucanners pirates and their ships.

Stranglethorn Vale is a level 35-40 area with loads of quests, horde has a few more than alliance though because of all the Grom’Gol quests. Stranglethorn is good for mining, herbalism and skinning.

Alliance Towns: Booty Bay (Neutral)
Horde Towns: Grom’Gol Base Camp, Booty Bay (Neutral)

Stranglethorn Vale     Stranglethorn Vale     Stranglethorn Vale Map

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