WoW World of Warcraft Tanaris

In the southern Kalimdor youíll find Tanaris, a desert where the lack of drinkable water has forced many of the ones that inhabit the area to build various kinds of water works to survive. In the desert youíll find Scorpions, Hyenas, Basilisks and different humanoids, Trolls for example. The main outpost in Tanaris is Gadgetzan thatís inhabited by Goblins; they will give you many quests as you progress in this zone.

Tanaris is a level 40-50 zone and fits both Horde and Alliance members. Tanaris has a few skinnable mobs but thatís about it, itís not a good place to practice your professions in. In this zone you will also find the ZulíFarrak instance.

Alliance Towns: Gadgetzan (Neutral)
Horde Towns: Gadgetzan (Neutral)

Tanaris     Tanaris     Tanaris Map

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