WoW World of Warcraft Teldrassil

After the events at Mount Hyjal and the World Tree the Circle of Ancients and powerful Druids combined their powers to grow a new World Tree on a island off the northern coast of Kalimdor. They called the tree Teldrassil which means “crown of earth” in their native language. The Night Elves built their new home at Teldrassil where they would live in peace with nature. However, the calm forest has slowly fallen into the shadow of a sinister presence. Corrupted Furbolgs and other beasts have appeared in Teldrassil and the Sentinels and Druids have to ensure the safety of their new home.

The Night Elf capital, Darnassus, stands as a shining beacon atop Teldrassil. Within its walls are housed druids, hunters and warriors, all led by the priestess of Elune, Tyrande Whisperwind.

Teldrassil is the starting location for Night Elves and is very good area to start Herbalism, Teldrassil has lots of Silverleaf and Peacebloom herbs.

Alliance Towns: Dolanaar, Darnassus
Horde Towns: None

Teldrassil     Teldrassil     Teldrassil Map

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